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From our roots as the Electricity Council Research Centre to today’s dynamic private enterprise, C-Tech Innovation has been responsible for developing the electric storage heater, the halogen hob, atmospheric microwave plasma, and copper cooling technologies.

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C-Tech Innovation has on-site research and development facilities for wet chemistry, food technology, plasma and high energy operations, microwave and radio frequency applications, and much more. We also have strong links with academia and industry, making us perfectly placed to develop new marketable technologies and products.



Do you have an unusual project that nobody else can build? C-Tech has long experience in manufacturing equipment involving high pressures and volatile materials for a wide range of commercial and research purposes.

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Pollution monitoring in the UK

Joined-up Thinking for Real-time Pollution Monitoring

With much of England, Wales, and Ireland experiencing moderate to high levels of air pollution, it’s time to take a serious look at how we can minimise the impact that poor air quality has on us. An estimated 29,000 people a year die in the UK alone from the long-term effects of air pollution. Dr Sotiris Vardoulakis, the head of Air Pollution and Climate Change at Public Health England, says “measures that significantly reduce particulate air pollution or cut exposure would be regarded as important public health initiatives.”

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Electrodialysis is an industry-ready membrane process used for pollution control, desalination, resource recovery and chemical processing. It can be used to produce potable water from brackish sources and remove salts from foodstuffs, recover salts from effluent, and split salts into their constituent acid and base, for example for recovery of mixed acids from spent pickling liqour. Read More